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What is ThinkSports? Ultimately, it’s an outlet. It’s a blog, sure. It’s about sports, definitely. But we’re not out to be another sports site. You want gameday coverage? Tonight’s lineup? Instant analysis of the free throw shooting technique of some kid from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who just barely got a scholarship?

Not here.

Our goal is to talk about all the things surrounding sports that provoke thought. The stories. The business. Sports is so much more in our culture than a diversion, and it would be foolish to ignore its cultural impact. Certainly its economic impact.

We’re not insiders. We’re just a bunch of dudes (and dudettes) who appreciate the value that sport brings to our society, and need an outlet for those thoughts and musings.

Want to think with us? Please do – comment on our articles, we don’t just want to provoke thought, we want to provoke conversation and sharpen our views. And if you think our views are wrong? Write something yourself, send it in, and we’ll post it.

Thanks for stopping by – we hope you are both entertained and challenged. Or at least mildly amused, we’d take that too.

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